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SCB • Musica Practica ad hoc

Here you can find the links to doodle polls for the organisation of the ad-hoc Musica Practica sessions.

A. Please fill in your range here to facilitate the organisation of sensible choirs :

B. Please fill in any day(s) you’d like to sing or play :

Do. 28. Sep

Fr. 29. Sep

Sa. 30. Sep

So. 1. Okt


Mo. 2. Okt

Di. 3. Okt

Mi. 4. Okt

Do. 5. Okt

Fr. 6. Okt

Sa. 7. Okt

So. 8. Okt

20. Sep •

21. Sep •

22. Sep •

( Please note that this page is hosted but not otherwise affiliated with the website of the Schola Cantorum Sancti Pauli. )

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