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SCB • Musica Practica ad hoc

Here you can find the links to doodle polls for the organisation of the ad-hoc Musica Practica sessions.

A. Please fill in your range here to facilitate the organisation of sensible choirs :



B. Please fill in any day(s) you’d like to sing or play :

Do. 28. Sep schola.gr/adhoc-28Sep

Fr. 29. Sep schola.gr/adhoc-29Sep

Sa. 30. Sep schola.gr/adhoc-30Sep

So. 1. Okt  schola.gr/adhoc-01Okt


Mo. 2. Okt  schola.gr/adhoc-02Okt

Di. 3. Okt  schola.gr/adhoc-03Okt

Mi. 4. Okt  schola.gr/adhoc-04Okt

Do. 5. Okt  schola.gr/adhoc-05Okt

Fr. 6. Okt  schola.gr/adhoc-06Okt

Sa. 7. Okt  schola.gr/adhoc-07Okt

So. 8. Okt  schola.gr/adhoc-08Okt

20. Sep • schola.gr/adhoc-20Sep

21. Sep • schola.gr/adhoc-21Sep

22. Sep • schola.gr/adhoc-22Sep

( Please note that this page is hosted but not otherwise affiliated with the website of the Schola Cantorum Sancti Pauli. )

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